Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...seriously, i have yet to meet someone who actually wants to be boring. when i saw this, i thought about all the times i've said "i'm bored," in the past few months. in my attempt to live in the present, i've been trying to eliminate all the "i'm bored" moments from my life. needless to say, i've been getting a lot of stuff done. aside from finishing the first semester of the teaching english as a second language specialization i'm enrolled in, here are a few of the things i've been up to:

cooking, a lot! this weekend i made pizza dough and the outcome was deeelicious.

baking. strawberry cake, anyone?

actually getting around to watering the plants on the balcony.

a little bit of exploring the island. during our latest day trip, we went up to this waterfall and hung out at the river that flows from it. we were even able to take romeo. that little wiener dog should have been born a sea otter.

organizing my drawers. hey, i didn't say all of the stuff i've been up to was fun and exciting.

here are some pics, not of the organizing drawers part. enjoy!