Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pineapple cupcakes

tomorrow we're going up to my husband's aunt's villa in the small mountain town of jarabacoa, dominican republic to finish off holy week surrounded by friends, family and nature. because my mom taught me never to show up empty handed, especially if i'm planning on spending 2 or 3 days, i made these super easy, super delicious pineapple cupcakes to share.

the recipe is from gina's skinny taste  blog, my new favorite blog. i "stumbled upon" it last week and i've been checking it non-stop since. having already made the cilantro lime rice recipe (which was simple and amazing, by the way), i decided to have a hand at baking these cupcakes, too. couldn't have better things to say about them. i mixed up the frosting, though, so i could frost the cupcakes before traveling with them. instead of adding crushed pineapples and coconut flakes directly in the frosting, i used a basic cream cheese frosting and then topped it off with toasted coconut flakes or almonds. wonderfully delightful! <sigh>

 don't judge my photographic skills...they're a work in progress.

p.s. - i now smell like cupcakes and frosting and coconut and that's exactly how i'm going to bed. don't want to shower (with cold water) again! gross, i know.

p.s.s. - i figure there's worse things i could smell like, so...

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