Tuesday, April 19, 2011


this blog is inspired by a number of things:

three books i've read over the past year - gretchen rubin's "the happiness project," elizabeth gilbert's "eat, pray, love," and julie powell's "julie & julia."

a realization that this moment, right now, is the prime of my life and i don't want to waste it being unhappy and ungrateful for all the good things in life.

my loving husband of one year, who encourages me and supports me through all my crazy moods. his words and advice have lead me to want to take on a self-help project, so to speak - something that's going to make me feel fulfilled, accomplished and overall happier and nicer to be around.

my plan for this project is to combine all the tips, advice and know-how i've gathered from books, articles, friends and family and apply them to becoming better at the things i love to do: cooking, eating, writing, teaching, living and loving. hopefully, in the meantime, i can inspire someone the way i've been inspired by so many.

also, much of the time, i have very little idea of where what i'm talking about is going...please, keep that in mind, always!

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